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Frequently Asked Questions

(For Advertisers)

1. What is the difference between Bulk and Unique visitors
There is one primary difference between bulk and unique visitors. Bulk visitors are not guaranteed to be unique and are essentially random traffic from our network. This type of traffic can be extremely good for branding and generating interest in a variety of products. Unique visitors are unique per IP address per 60 day period. Unlike many traffic suppliers when we say unique we really mean unique. When you purchase 10,000 unique visitors you will have 10,000 separate individuals to your website.
2. How many visitors will I receive daily to my website?
You can expect up to 300 visitors daily when you purchase bulk visitors and 50 to 150 per day when you purchase unique visitors.

3. Are visitors popunder visitors?
No. uLive.in serves only full page view visits within our traffic exchange. Unlike popunders where there is no guarantee of people viewing your webpage with uLive.in people will see your site for a minimum period of time.
4. What types of site are not allowed?
Currently we do not permit sites pertaining to hacking/cracking, adult material and/or hate-violence websites. For the most part uLive.in advertises towards a general audience of websites ranging from business opportunities to specific dietary products to learning aids.
5. Am I permitted to have a popup or popunder on my site?
Unlike most popunder/popup advertising companies you are permitted to have one popup or popunder on your webpage. This can allow you to maximize on your purchase with us.

6. Where do most of the visitors come from?
60% of all traffic comes from America, 25% from India and roughly 10% comes from the United Kingdon. The remaining 5% is made up a variety of countries around the world.

7. How long is my website seen for each visit?
Right now your website will be viewed anywhere from 30 seconds to 40 seconds on average according to our internal statistics. This gives prospective viewers the chance to actually see your product. Unlike popup/popunder visitors there is no guarantee of your website being viewed at all.
9. What payment forms are accepted?
Currently uLive.in accepts e-Gold OR using members login we accept e-Gold, Liberty Reserve and PayTreck.com.
Still Have Questions?
Please Email us at admin@uLive.in with your specific question.

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