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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does upgrade expire?
Each upgrade lasts for 365 days. Each upgrade unit cost $50. Does my membership expire? Your account with uLive.in will continue once you upgrade within 365 days of joining, until you delete it or it is inactive for 60 days. You can use it to advertise your websites for free, but you will not earn money if your Member Level is zero. You can buy more upgrade units at any time and each will earn for 30 days. So you can keep your account earning money indefinitely.

Can I buy Banner/PTC/Traffic advertising on uLive.in ?
Yes. You can buy banner/PTC/Traffic advertising in your members area. We need 2 links for Banner/PTC - one is your banner URL and one is your page URL - you will then be able to view stats in your members area.

I made a purchase a few hours ago and it has not posted yet - shoud I be concerned?
We verify and post transactions in batches. Please feel free to contact us if it has been more than 24 hours since you made your purchase and it has not posted yet. If you have paid by echeck, your purchase will not show until it has cleared.

I don't have any website to promote, can I join uLive.in?
Yes, you don't need to have a website to join our service. You can surf and get paid without any problem with us.

Can I signup for more than one account ?
You can have only one account. If you violate our rules here, your accounts will be removed/deleted and your IP will be banned from our service as well as all funding and earnings forfeited. Please be honest and do not try to cheat our service.

Why was my site suspended ?
Please read our TOS before add website. If your site was suspended. It maybe violated our TOS. But you can contact us if you are sure your site is not break our TOS

Why have I reached a daily surfing limit?
The maximum credits you can earn per day is 30, plus bonuses. We limit surfing each day to discourage unattended surfing. More sites are likely to be really seen that way. Your site gets better traffic and less of your traffic quota is wasted. You can buy more credits on our Upgrade/Buy page, which increases revenue for our members.

Any payout Limits?
Minimum withdrawal for payout is $50 for upgraded and $100 for free members respectively.

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